Pest-free Warrant

To help protect our islands, we've set up a biosecurity warrant system for commercial vessel and tourism operators. Getting a warrant shows you are meeting the biosecurity standards for visiting islands in the Gulf. The warrant involves an annual inspection process to assess how well you apply biosecurity measures and how well you communicate biosecurity best practice to your customers.

Pest-free Warrant Brochure (PDF, 530KB)

why get a warrant?

  • A warrant allows you to use the Pest-free Warrant logo, offering you a distinct marketing advantage: your customers will value your clean green commitment.
  • Your business will appear on our biosecurity friendly list.
  • Reduced risk of pest invasion on Hauraki Gulf islands, giving protection to the environment your customers are coming to see.
  • Involvement in a process that is clear, simple and applicable to a range of activities.
  • A standard condition for most DOC concessions and wharf permits for the Hauraki Gulf islands is the requirement for a Pest-free Warrant.

Who needs a warrant?

You may fit within more than one of the categories listed below. A single warrant will be issued to cover all facets of your particular business:

  • Those who offer commercial vessel services to islands.
  • Those commercial vessels that wish to land at DOC and Auckland Council managed island wharves.
  • Those who hold DOC concessions to guide or run events on an island.
  • Other service suppliers like caterers and gear-hire companies who may be contracted by the above three groups.

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How to obtain a warrant

Contact one of our biosecurity staff to discuss your application. You can also download the application form.

Once your form has been received an appointment will be made to inspect and assess your operation.

The inspection looks at how well you apply biosecurity measures to your direct operation and how well you communicate biosecurity best practice advice to your customers.

A free warrant inspection of your operation will be made by a biosecurity staff member by booking an appointment at least two weeks in advance. If you successfully meet all biosecurity requirements at the initial inspection, you receive a Pest-free Warrant for the next 12 months at no cost. The warrant is subject to free interim monitoring checks during the year.

If you fail your first warrant inspection, don't worry. You can be inspected again within the month to show that the failed standards have been remedied. This re-inspection may incur a fee of $200 (including GST). It makes sense to get it right the first time for free and the staff are happy to help you do that.

If the failed standards have been met, a warrant will be issued for 12 months from this second inspection date. If the failed standards have not been met, a further (third) inspection will need to be undertaken, incurring another $200 (including GST) fee.

For more information on what is required see the Pest-free Warrant Checklist and Guidance Notes.

Other permits you may need

You may also need one of the following permits to undertake commercial activities on DOC managed public conservation land:

  • Concession - this DOC permit allows you to undertake commercial activities, ie, guided walking, on public conservation land. A standard condition for most DOC concessions for the Hauraki Gulf islands is the requirement for a Pest-free Warrant.
  • Wharf use permit - this permit allows commercial boat operators to use DOC managed wharves in the Hauraki Gulf. As with concessions, a standard condition of wharf use permits is the requirement for a Pest-free Warrant.

For further information, contact one our biosecurity staff.

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